Sep 27, 2021

August 2021 Chevron Segment Rate Summary

This monthly newsletter aims to track the interest rates that calculate the lump sum in the Chevron Retirement Plan and give an estimate of how it might affect your retirement benefit.

August Segment Rate Summary

The segment rates for August are 0.66%, 2.50%, and 3.12%. This brings the three-month average to 0.64%, 2.57%, and 3.18% for a November 2021 benefit start date. For Chevron employees hired before 2008, we estimate the lump sum benefit to increase about 0.50% for an average vested 65-year old in November versus October; though please check your benefit calculator for your actual calculation.

There was very little movement in any of the segment rates, with the first and third segments increasing slightly and the second, and most lump-sum-influential, segment decreasing slightly. Even though the segment rates remained relatively flat compared to other months, the “front-heavy” rate pattern formed in recent months led to another estimated lump sum increase in November. To read about segment rate patterns and how they can predict future lump sum movements, please click the article linked below.

Front and Back-Heavy Rate Patterns

How Does this Affect Me?

The Chevron Retirement Plan offers a substantial benefit to Chevron employees over many other companies’ plans. It is one of the few remaining retirement pension plans that still offers a lump sum benefit. Since the Pension Protection Act of 2006, the calculation of the lump sum has become more complicated now relying on corporate bond yield curves, known as segment rates, instead of the 30-year treasury rate that was used in the past.  In a low interest rate environment, it is important for Chevron employees to understand how their lump sum is calculated and how quickly the benefit can change. As interest rates lower, the lump sum increases, and vice-versa. If rates increase 1% across the board, it could lower your lump sum by almost 10% depending on your age and length of service.  This calculation applies only to Chevron employees hired before January 1, 2008.

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