Investment Solutions

Baird’s decades of investment experience and research expertise make these portfolios part of an ideal investment solution for your retirement plans.

We are proud to offer a series of proprietary portfolios managed by the investment professionals at Baird, a leading investment and wealth management firm with over $350 billion in client assets, and Chautauqua Capital Management, a boutique investment manager offering growth-oriented international and global equity portfolios. We provide access to several asset management vehicles across a variety of asset classes allowing BRM's Financial Advisors to construct an investment strategy suited to your needs and risk tolerance.

Our investment solutions include the following core portfolios plus investment strategies from other leading asset managers:

Baird Recommended Portfolio

Focused on high-quality, large capitalization companies, this strategy also keeps a close eye on volatility to manage your risk over the long term.

Baird Rising Dividend Portfolio

A diversified, actively managed option for investors seeking large-cap U.S. stocks that pay dividends, this portfolio is intended to be a long-term investment strategy for income-focused investors.

Chautauqua Global & International Funds

The two investment strategies and mutual funds invest in equity securities of both US and non-US companies with large market capitalizations. Both portfolios invest in high-quality companies carefully diversified among regions, sectors and other factors that are designed to help manage risk without diluting performance.

Baird Small/Mid Cap Funds

The Baird Small/Mid Cap Growth Strategy is a high conviction portfolio of 60-70 stocks, with a strong emphasis on fundamental, bottom-up research to discover unique, secular growth stories that we believe can drive above average sales and earnings growth. The Baird Mid Cap Growth Strategy invests in U.S. mid-cap companies and is managed with a strong emphasis on risk control and a long-term perspective.

Baird Small/Mid Cap Growth Fund

Baird Mid Cap Growth Fund