Planning Solutions

Retirement Planning and Retirement Management are Two Different Things

When working with a Baird Retirement Management financial advisor you’ll follow a process designed to make your transition into retirement seamless.

There are many decisions that need to be made at retirement, some of which are irrevocable. Consequently, we provide all of our pre-retiree’s with a retirement checklist specific to their company that lays out all the decisions that need to be made and the timing of those decisions.

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While each of our advisors have their own differences in the ways they engage with clients, the graphic above shows many of the components needed to design and initiate a successful retirement strategy with BRM.

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Data Gathering

We will collect information specific to your retirement case in order to properly evaluate your current financial position. This data could include qualified plan balances, pension estimates, projected social security receipts, and desired retirement date among other items.


Financial Analysis

Our financial advisors have worked for years building their knowledge of specific retirement plans and their intricacies. We will use that specialized expertise to analyze your retirement situation. This process can include financial modeling, risk analysis, tax planning, and evaluation of plan distribution options.


Plan Building

The most advanced financial models will do little good if they cannot be easily explained and transferred to a coherent plan. In this phase we will meet with you to discuss the strengths and weaknesses within your retirement case and offer concrete recommendations for the future.



After a plan is agreed upon, we will provide you with a retirement initiation checklist to help guide you through the separation process. Retirement is a major life change that only happens once, but our specialists have assisted hundreds of clients as they work through qualified plan distributions, pension selections, and other company specific decisions.


Ongoing Monitoring

Retirement Management means working with our clients over the long-run. We will review your account performance on a consistent basis and communicate any recommended changes based on personal, economic, or tax-based circumstances.